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Travel PH | Another Getaway Hours from Manila Acuatico Beach Resort

Merely 150 kilometers from Manila, Acuatico Beach Resort is located in Laiya, Batangas.  It only takes an average of 3 hours to reach this place and you will be greeted with a smile from their front desk.  

From the driveway, there are no doors, literally, so immediately you are faced with their concierge.  Checking in is easy and you will be lead to your rooms already or cottages.

The layout of the resort is very well planned.  I was mesmerized of how the place maximized the small area of the place.  The resort I can say is efficient.  All the nook and cranny of the place has its purpose.  Although it may seem small in plot size, you won't feel cramped at all.

The place reeks opulence, once you step in you will immediately be treated to a royal experience.  Courteous uniformed staff are ready to heed your every need and the interiors are well thought of.  The things that you see in 5 star hotels in Manila, interiors, furniture, amenities and services, you will find them here at Acuatico.

These things make this resort very popular among its regulars.  We were here mid week, yet guests seem to come and go in groups.  We were told that their occupancy rates are high so they advised us to book early if you want to spend your holidays with them.

Our room was small but it didn't have the boxy feel to it.  Our beds were comfy and smelled nice.  We had a big ass TV with a mini bar (fridge) that's fully stocked in and out.  Our bathroom had a bath tub (which we didn't use) and we had an ample amount of toiletries.

Now the resort boasts also of their infinity pool which we found to be exquisite.  This writer was surprised that it was there at all.  Its unusual to have an infinity pool near a beach, so having to experience this with Acuatico, it was heaven.  Having a beach close by is great already, having this pool was a bonus.  The beach by the way was clean, but as Batangas beaches are like, they deepen just a few meters from the shore.

The resort also has a bar near the pool so serving drinks is a breeze.  It was nice sipping your shake by the pool, spending time talking with friends.  Should you go hungry, simply go up the stairs and dine in at Oceano Restaurant.  They serve an awesome array of dishes at their buffet table.  They do tend to spoil their guests by offering crabs and other high end dishes.  In one breakfast service, they had one table serving maybe 8 different kinds of bread.  Imagine seeing all those bread on your breakfast buffet.

Sadly we had to go back to Manila and end our vacation.  Time stood still in Acuatico and before we knew it, we were going home.  Some caveats though - Globe Telecoms is non existent in most parts of the resort.  I don't know if same goes for Smart Telecoms, but good thing they have a strong WIFI and fast internet connection.

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