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Dining | Fast Food in White Beach Puerto Galera

Along the strip of beach called White Beach in Puerto Galera, in one end there's a fast food joint called Terminal BBQ Ribs Subs and More.  I think they called this Terminal since beside this place, there's a pathway leading to a terminal.

They offered a lot of dishes here that gave me a confused state of mind, I almost forgot that I was hungry.  As their name suggests, they have those mentioned.  They have combinations or combos that would put McDonalds or Jollibee to shame.  Taste is another thing, but what struck me the most is their serving sizes.

I ordered the Tapsilog for Php99 and it had two eggs and a sizable amount of tapa.  Then they told me that along with the meal I ordered, it had unli-rice.  What???? unli-rice for Php99!!!!!  OMG there goes my diet.  I had another cup of rice and that's it.

The only downside to this place is their service.  Their staff should be taught how to please customers.  Those manning the counter doesn't smile at all, even with my jokes, they have scowls on their faces.  I wondered if my jokes are lousy or they are just a dead crowd.  Also service sucks.  It took a while to serve my order and I was the only one there.  Since I was new to the place, I had to ask for the location of the condiments, they just looked at me with a blank face, trying to decipher what I just asked.

Food tastes like tapa what else?  Why would it taste otherwise? Seriously, the tapa was nothing special.  Rice was stale since I ate mid afternoon, the eggs were cooked fine.  Sunny side was cooked as I liked it.  I didn't expect my food to be exquisite, I expected it to take care of my hunger, to tide me over dinner.  The latter they did great, I was full, price was just right.  I was expecting the price to rob me of my cash, but it didn't so I say, it was just right.

If you can withstand the previous statements and if ever you get stuck in White Beach, don't be afraid anymore about where to find a decent priced meal.  Terminal BBQ Ribs Subs and More is it.  Don't expect more for the price though.

For more details visit their facebook page here

This side trip was made possible by our gracious hosts at Arkipelago Divers in Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera.  Many thanks Pedro and Amy.  For your diving needs, the perfect Dive Shop for you can be reached here.