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Wellness | Fight Pollution with Novelina's Ultra Lightening Soap & Pollution Shield

Disclaimer: this writer has no extensive experience in skin care products except for the products received from my derma curing break-outs from time to time. I have built my skin care ritual on a simple process, just an anti-bacterial facial soap.  To objectively review the soap's effectiveness. I temporarily discontinued my usual skin care for few days. At the time of testing my skin was at the initial stage of getting a blemish.

For our review, we have the Novelina Ultra Lightening Soap and Pollution Shield.

Upfront the packaging was simple, clean and neat.  You will definitely buy it when you see it in supermarket shelves.  It's unscented and the soap is huge is size and is heavy upon contact.

During and after the 30 day trial.

When you use the product, it feels like milk on your skin.  Although unscented, there's some when you use it already.  Not bad, it good even to your smell.  Skin pores tighten and it does lighten your skin slowly but surely during constant use.

I used it twice a day so getting the whiter skin was constant and fast.

Somehow it offers sun protection even when I was under the sun, my skin seemed maintain its texture and color.  There were other products mentioned on the box that I should try after the soap, but for this review, we didn't.  We surmised that this soap is part of a package that offers full lightening of the skin and protection as well.  

In the end, we felt that the soap was effective during our use and my skin was getting lighter on constant use.

We shall be trying out other Novelina products and watch out for our review soon.

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