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About Town | Need a Hand? WanderHand is Here

Have you tried doing minor house repairs for yourself? How did it go?  For small and fast repairs, its been hard to get a handyman if you were me.  It takes time to go down to your supervisor or maintenance guy and ask them for help.  Some do help out but most don't as they are busy as well with their work.  Don't fret anymore, here's an answer to your situation.

Wanderhand is here to help you out.  The mobile app handyman is here for your convenience.  

Simply download the Wanderhand application from the Appstore or Google Play.  Register and start using it.  That quick.  No more running to your building maintenance, security guard asking for referrals and pray that guy is a good guy.

Wanderhand is now here to help out.

Now should you need a service of a carpenter or mason (for now), simply upload a work request.  You can arrange for the date and time (when you are off from work) when you want the service provider (handyman) to come over.  Very nice.  Once this request is uploaded, service providers
can submit quotations.  From this you can select the service provider you want.  You can check their profiles, chat with all of them haggle or ask any questions you want prior to selecting them.

Imagine that.  You can select the service provider you want.  This you can't do on your own asking people for referrals.  What a wonderful app this is.

So what are you waiting for?  We know you want something fixed up, download the app now.  If you still have questions, visit their facebook page here.  

photocredit to their owners.