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Dining | Mary's Refreshment - Kalibo Aklan

Another favorite of mine is Lomi.  When I was in Kalibo, found this little shop.  Its called Mary's Refreshment.  Funny name, maybe its an age old trans generation restaurant.  For me its really refreshing since Kalibo that day, it was so hot, and this place has a cold airconditioned environment. 

Eating a different kind of lomi, having a cold soda, cold dining area, what an experience.

On the Lomi side, its not batangas so don't expect the loads of toppings here.  They boast of its taste and not whats on top.  True enough, this one tasted different.  Great tasting, level with that of Batangas.  Somewhat different yet fulfilling likewise.  

Batangas Lomi is served solo in most parts but here in Kalibo, they have lots of serving sizes.  They have the Jumbo that could feed an army of 5 or 6 people.  So with different sizes, dining experience is different.  Sharing is the name of the game and it creates a different feeling in eating lomi here.

I just tried the solo serving for Php60.  There are no normal or special lomi, all are special so expect only the best lomi that they have.  Taste is already great, what's more to add?  They do have bread to go along with your lomi.  Its a side order that you make when you feel you want a more tummy feeling moment.

Should lomi is not your thing, they do have other dishes that will sure take your fancy.  Noodles, Rice Meals are on the board for you.

When in Kalibo just ride the tricycle, tell the driver to take you to Mary's Refreshment, they would know already.  Fare is just Php8 when you are in the city.

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