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Dining | A Chicken House Offering Great Seafood - RML Manokan Haus and Kamayan

We have been rambling on and on with Kalibo and we have yet to finish.  Imagine a chicken house that serves great seafood?  Unimaginable but true.  RML Manokan Haus and Kamayan I know offers a mean chicken grill, I know, I ordered it and I ate it.

I got to be honest when I saw this sign, the first thing that went in to my mind is to order chicken.  I grew up in Cebu during my younger years and nothing beats me reminiscing the authentic visayan sinugbang manok.

My grilled chicken, rice and soda was Php120 and for something as authentic as this, big serving of a chicken leg, I guess the price was just right.

Dining area was really spacious, so although it was lunch and had less crowds, I was told they are busy in the evenings.  Why wouldn't it be?  The chicken was juicy, tasty and was big for me.  Ambience had a provincial theme.  With furnitures and accents made of bamboo, it was a great dining experience for me.

Whilst eating, although it was 2pm, people suddenly came trickling in.  Occupying maybe half of the area.  These were tourists during the Ati Atihan Festival and ordered seafood.  OMG, I didn't know they had seafood.  They had a big menu board which I didn't bother reading.

Yes there was seafood on their menu.  The people in the other table ordered vats or containers full of talaba or oysters.  What a delight seeing these and I had a quick feeling of regret not reading the menu board.

One palanggana or container overflowing of oysters costs only Php75.  There were around 12-15 pieces of them, steamed, juicy and the smell permeated up to my table.  I was instantly drooling of it but I was already full with my chicken pecho.

I told myself, if God wills it, I will taste that wonderful oysters while I am in Kalibo or in the area of Panay Island.  I later learned that they had branches in other cities so this will not my only time to eat here.

To find them here in Kalibo, just ride the tricycle and the driver will take you here.

For more of them, you can visit RML Manokan at their facebook site here.