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Dining | A Gem in Gaisano Capital Mall in Kalibo - Pete's Sizzler

Eating in the provinces are great.  Cheap food, big serving size are the come ons for me to travel outside of Manila.  You can't find me inside my hotel room most of the time, I always go out.  This trip to Kalibo is no exception.

The town has a feel of warmth to a tourist like me so going around was easy.  Just grab a tricycle, fare is always Php8 so I said to the driver. Take me to Gaisano Capital.  Off we went.

The mall was a small one compared to those in Manila but it was huge per Kalibo standards.  It had a lots of shops, a department store and restaurants, and its airconditioned.    It had a popular fastfood chain there but I don't want to just eat there.  I want to try new restaurants so it was a no brainer for me to choose Pete's Sizzler.

It's a quaint fastfood place as they are overshadowed by a popular one up front but this one is not to be outdone.  They have sizzlers.

When I see sizzling plates I always have sisig.  Their sisig was priced Php119 but since this was my first time here, I did not order the unli rice additional of Php10.  1) I don't know how much of the sisig was there and 2) I was in constant battle with my diet.

When my order was finally delivered to my table, the serving size was on average, ample to have with unli rice.  For me though, I have been chomping more on food rather than rice so it was just fair that I didn't get the unli rice option.

The sisig was nice.  Nothing that tasted funny.  The only different from my usual sisig in Manila was the splash of mayonnaise on top.  It had a generous amount of pork fats thus making this sisig yummy.  So if you are into diets and stuff, then you're missing out big time here.

Staff were nice but being in the province or they are not a franchised brand, some things will be awkward for you.  An example would be my request for water.  The server provided it to me half full or some would say half empty.  I'm a heavy water drinker during meals so seeing it at that state made me wonder, who would serve that way?  When I asked for a refill, the server came with a pitcher and filled it to an another half full or half empty glass of water.  I simply scratched my head.  Are they affiliated with Green Earth and trying to save on water?  Oh well. The server had to come back for another refill.  Problem solved for me.

So there are only two malls in Kalibo, so if you happen drag yourself to Gaisano Central Mall here, this place is worthy of your time.  Check them out here.