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Tourist Attraction | Dela Cruz House of Pina - Kalibo Aklan

Kalibo is a quiet town in Aklan that is a great alternative for you over Boracay.  It may not have the beach charms of the latter but what it lacks, Kalibo is abundant thereof.

One of the charms of Kalibo is the Dela Cruz House of Pina.  Located along a busy road near the city proper, the tricycle drivers know the place already.  From their name, the House of Pina features hand woven fabrics made from pineapple.  This fabric is one of the products that Aklan is proud of.  First time I had a chance to come across this product was with prior to my wedding way way back.

The fabric is meticulously done so expect them to be looking great when you make them into a Barong or a formal women's dress.  Being a great fabric, expect it to be a little expensive.  Even so, price is worth it.  When you are here, you check out different weave patterns they offer in their showroom.

Aside from the Pina fabric the showroom also holds other handmade stuff.  You can get handicrafts here as well and you will be surprised of how affordable they are.  I got my coin purse here for Php50.  This is a sturdy coin purse that I know would last me a long time.  Very worth it for Php50.

So when in Kalibo, support the local industry and buy quality handicrafts or souvenirs here.  The products here are definitely a higher form of craftmanship than those found in most souvenir shops.  

For any inquiries on their products, you may email them at