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Dining | Street Food levels up with PickupSticks

Your favorite street food now is available at a food court near you.  Its called PickupSticks.  We found this at SM Hypermart opposite that of Jose Rizal University.

You can savor their pork and chicken isaw, chicharon bulaklak, pork tenga, and pork barbecues on sticks.  Unlike the street foods that you love, these are not grilled over coals, instead these are deep fried.  Making them clean so to speak.

For this review, we ordered a rice meal composed of chicharon bulaklak and barbecue.  The meal costed only Php55 without drinks.

Tastewise, its clean so don't expect some funny taste while eating it.  Food serving size is similar to those found on the streets so don't expect to be filled.  You will still have to order a platter sized meal of street food to get you satisfied.

So if you just want to whet you appetite for these morsels, then dig in.  Its safe and its clean.  What a way to enjoy your street food.