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Travel PH | How to Do Boracay DIY Cheap as Possible

Boracay has been touted the best island in the world many say and its one of the costliest per local standards so we set out a challenge if we can do this cheaply.

First off, we ditched the plane ride via 2GO Travel.  We left Batangas Port 9pm and had fun on the boat until we reached Caticlan 6am.  We had a delay with the port but we disembarked at 8am.  To keep food costs low, we had to bring baon on the boat.  Food prices there are expensive.

Now the caticlan port that 2GO uses is the same terminal that you use to go Boracay.  So you exit the port then make a U-turn towards the entrance.  But before you do so, we suggest you get your breakfast first at any restaurants within the area.  For us we had ours at the Andok's fastfood restaurant which is located just in front of the terminal.

After breakfast, go find Window 1 where you pay for your pumpboat Php25.  Then Windows 2 and 3 will be your payment for Environmental Fee Php75 and Terminal Fee Php100.  

You proceed then into the terminal where you will asked to fill out a short form about your personal details for Tourism purposes.  

Now with your ticket and terminal pass, you will proceed to the tourist gate.  There are two gates inside, one for locals (Aklan residents) and one for tourists (Non-Aklan Residents and foreigners). The one for tourists is at the end of the hall so be sure to take the right one.

Now your terminal pass has a barcode on it that you use to tap on the turnstile when you pass to proceed to the pre departure area.  What's funny is, you don't get to use this area as you are immediately guided to the port itself to board your pumpboat.

Pumpboat is only for 5-10 minutes so you reach the Cagban Jetty Port right away.

To reach Station 2, tricycle ride is Php20 only.  If you want to go special, Php120.  Good thing I was with some stingy americans who won't pay the Php120 and instead we agreed to wait up for more passengers to pay only the php20 fare :)

To further keep the cost low, we stayed at a hostel particularly Box and Ladder Hostel (see our separate article on them) for Php550 per day.  This includes linen and towels as well.  

For food, there's a Mini-Stop store in front and our hostel is walking distance to the nearest supermarket and D'Mall.  If you find some small streets or iskinitas, you can find cafeterias or carinderias offering meals of Php70 which is already expensive by local standards.

Beach is free so simply dive in and stay whole day, people won't care if you do. LOL.

So in summary, our cost for this trip should you go solo is as follows;

The cost mentioned does not include the beers taken, and souvenirs that you might buy there.  I suggest doing the beers in the hostel.  Beer costs only Php50 each, way cheaper than the bars and convenience stores, and you get to wine and dine with other hostel guests and exchange travel stories.

We also didn't went to far flung beaches so our fare was limited to and from our hostel.  Stations 1-3 can be reached on foot as well with Bulabog Beach.

Boracay crowd is different in the daytime versus nighttime so better experience both.