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Dining | Vintage Feel of Cafe de Calivo - Kalibo Aklan

kalibo aklan

Along a closed stretch of road in Kalibo, a row of wonderful small food shops are lined up.  Among these shops is called Cafe Calivo.  A cafe presenting vintage of sort of a theme.  From the name itself, Calivo was taken from the old spanish name of Kalibo.  So expect the names of their dishes or food from the filipino katipuneros who died as heroes for the province.

Take the case of their Cheese Bibingka Cake.  A Bibingka as cake?  wow, they named it Gavino's Cheese Bibingka Cake.  A very sweet cake it is with a tinge of bibingka with lots of cheese on top.

Another Bibingka Cake is named Simplicio's Coconut Bibingka Cake.  You guessed it right, it has lots of coconut in it.  A very good twist if you ask me putting coconut in it.

Their Maximo Sapin-Sapin is thick delicacy that is a tummy filling sweet.  Can't wait to get a taste of it soon.  For a cafe, its surprising that had a lot of food choices that I forgot they have drinks as well.

After sampling most of the cakes and sweets, finally I ordered this Green Matcha Frappe.  I don't usually order a matcha but this time I made an exception.  Glad I did as I liked their frappe here.  A cold drink on a hot Kalibo night was a refreshing push to the cakes I have tried earlier.  Very good combination.

Thanks to Jess Fernandez for asking me to extend my stay in Kalibo.  It was a day over my scheduled stay but it was worth it.  Tasted great cakes and drinks, met new people, celebrated a  wedding anniversary with a couple.  Simply memorable.

For more inquiries about Cafe de Calivo, contact them at their facebook page here.