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Dining | What a Restaurant Name Should Be - Kimketzkei Grills and Fastfood

When in Kalibo, one should try this open dining experience of Kimketzkei Grills and Fastfood.  I was walking along this side street when the whiff of inihaw hits me.  Grilled foods in the visayas differs from those from Luzon so the smell of this one fascinates me no end.

Before I did order, I went over to the Liempo being grilled and trying to make sense the feeling I had while I was walking on the street.  Will this be as great as I eat it, compared to the expectation I had?

Al Fresco Lunch here

Never the less, my enthusiasm took over and I proceeded to order.  They were also offering other dishes to me but I said I want to savor their glorious grilled liempo alone.  Just rice and a soda.  No condiments just the liempo please I said.

I thought when the liempo would be served it would be disappointingly small in serving like those I had in the past.  But this time was different.  The big slabs of liempo I earlier saw, was chopped and placed on a platter, and still it filled my platter.  This is the time when you wish they had unli rice in their menu.

First bite into the liempo was heaven...........................

Kalibo. Inihaw. Kimketzkai.  Lunch is love.  Forget your balik alindog program for an hour or two. Dig in.

Liempo was Php75.  I had a conscience and avoided the cola, took a pineapple drink for Php35 plus Php10 rice.  A sumptuous lunch for Php120.  Maybe a bit pricey when you are in the provinces but compared to here in Manila, taste wise and serving size wise, this is cheap.

They do have other dishes so don't think that they only serve liempo.  I just like their liempo thus I heavily wrote about it.

Now for those who are in Kalibo, or would go to Kalibo, dropby this place.  And they are reachable by Facebook too.  Catch them here.