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About Town | Discover the healing power of food with the Baron Method

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”
This was the line that inspired Harvie Baron, a nutritionist and athlete, to learn about the healing power of food—a journey that helped him battle a lifelong health condition, break free from a lifetime of medicine, earn a nutrition diploma from Oxford College, and embark on a mission to teach others to gain their own lives back through the healing power of food.   
In today’s stress-filled world, people struggle with a multitude of health concerns. Cancer, hypertension, diabetes, attention deficit disorder, gout – all these illnesses are affecting the lives and limiting the activities of people, often making them dependent on a lifetime of prescription medicines.
This is why the Baron Method was created.
The Baron Method, painstakingly developed by Harvie, is centered on the transformational healing power of food. It believes that an individual who properly learns how to consume food, when to consume food, and what type of food to consume, will not only attain indestructible health, but also the ability to freely design their lives with their newfound vitality.
In the 7 years that it has been in operation, Harvie has managed to help almost a thousand people transform their health – diabetics bringing down their blood sugar to normal levels, hypertensive clients achieving normal blood pressure readings, cancer patients going into remission, and even hyperactive kids learning how to focus.

Alex Yu, 41, and Deana Collins, 64, are only two of the many that subscribe to the Baron Method. Both of them were overweight, had high cholesterol, and off-the-charts blood chemistry levels, and they realized that they needed to change in order to enjoy life. “I was sick of being sick,” Deana expresses. With the Baron Method program, they both learned how to eat better and healthier, read labels, prepare nutritional food, and make better choices.

“I haven’t taken any medication for the past 6 months. All I did was eat healthy and eat right, and my blood chemistry result is a testimony of how eating healthy food can heal our body,” says Alex. Deana, having beaten cancer with the help of the Baron Method says that, “I absolutely believe in the healing power of food. I’ve experienced it in my life, in my heart, mind, body, and soul.”

Because of increasing demand through endless stories of transformation, the first Baron Method Center in the country has opened its doors to the general public. Located at the ground floor of the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, 1 Garden Way, Mandaluyong City, the Baron Method center aims to help people enjoy a better, healthier life, free from disease, through smarter food choices and overall health literacy.
In a nutshell, the program  teaches people how to procure proper ingredients by reading labels, how to choose the right poultry, meat, and vegetables, how to prepare food through kitchen strategies and recipes, and most importantly, provides a customized plan to suit the body’s long-term needs.
“We’re not a diet program,” Harvie points out. “Our primary thrust is not to make you lose weight, but to permanently free you from a lifetime of prescription medicines through the healing power of food.”
The six-month program includes a highly personalized eating plan based on an individual’s current state of health, goal, and daily schedule.
In addition, the center offers a one-time food education program where people learn how and what to look  for when they’re at the grocery stores, reading labels, 28 recipes, a one-week sample meal calendar, worst ingredients in food, and a pantry-staple swap list.

Harvie noted that the most common diseases that spur people to use the method are lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension; chronic diseases like asthma; and autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and irritable bowel syndrome. Others are simply too tired and lethargic to concentrate on what they are doing.

“People all have different goals, ideals, plans, and lives, so if you put them on a diet that’s not suitable for them individually, then it won’t work, especially long-term. A program or an eating plan is only effective if it has sustainability. If it doesn’t have sustainability, then it doesn’t work. At Baron Method, each program is made specific to the client’s needs and body type. We believe that anything worthwhile takes commitment and discipline, and we’re here to help you make that change through every step of the way,” concludes Harvie.

You too can break free from the limitations of prescription and embrace the power of nutrition. Experience the ultimate health transformation through the Baron Method.

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