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Wish List | Japan Tour Would Be A Milestone

Wishing for the year.  It has been my dream to travel and do a tour of Japan.  I could remember as if it was yesterday.  I was in high school way back 1980s when my dad (he was still alive then) came back from his business trip to Japan.  He brought me a model kit of the Tokyo Tower.  Was so excited to build that kit it was finished as soon as I opened it.

Not satisfied still, I went to our school library (no google then) to check more information about the tower.  Learned a lot about the tower and it expanded to the city it resides in.  This was the time my admiration with the Japanese culture started.

I love how they developed their technologies and urbanized their cities yet they maintain their heritage in terms of customs and architecture.  How I wished then till now to go over there and maybe take a tour of both urbanized Tokyo and some farflung towns or provinces.

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