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About Town | Music Helps Restore a World Heritage Treasure

Universal Harvester, Inc., together with the local government of Banaue offers a new experience to the Filipino and to the world.  Launched in a press conference held at the Makati Shangrila,  they mentioned the study and upkeep and progress they have already made with the restoration of the Banaue Rice Terrraces.  And now through this festival, they hope they can further make improvements not only to the terraces but to the communities therein as well.

The 2018 BANAUE International Music Composition Competition invites composers around the Philippines and all over the world to create Banaue-inspired symphonic works. This is the first time that a competition of this magnitude will be held in the Philippines. With the Grand Prize of 12,000USD, two Consolation Prizes of 6,000USD each and the week-long immersion in Banaue, this momentous event is set to bring excitement and cultural awakening to the selected participants and the province of Banaue.

20 Selected Composer-Fellows will be part of the Banaue Immersion Program. This is where, they will learn and experience local culture and music. With new perspective and inspiration, the Composer-Fellows may revise their entry before the semi-finals.

The Composer-Fellows will rehearse their pieces with an entire orchestra, open for the Banaue audience to enjoy in Banaue.

Only 10 Composer-Fellows will be chosen to be the finalists to perform on the Finals Night, July 25, 2018 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

This competition is in line with the Banaue Rice Terraces Restoration Project of Universal Harvester Incorporated headed by Dr. Milagros O. How (President and CEO) and the local government of Banaue led by Mayor Jerry U. Dalipog. With the attention that the event will be getting, may it also create awareness of the current situation of this World Heritage Treasure and encourage people to participate and help.

“We want to let the world know that the Philippines is home to great wonders, not just in terms of natural resources, but also in inspiring Talents from all over the world. And with your support, our friends from the Media, we will be able to take this giant leap together,” says Dr. How.

The deadline for entries is on April 15, 2018.

To submit your entry or have more inquiries, visit their website here.