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Food Panda Food Crawl | Healthy Lifestyle is Juju Eats

Are you into fresh and healthy food?  Not this writer. Just joking, given the chance, I do like to eat healthy and yes fresh as well.  Finding a healthy alternative outside is not that easy.  Now amidst the cholesterol fatty foods in Makati CBD, a fresh take into your body intake is in order with Juju Eats.  Fresh, Fast, Healthy, Happy.  Thats Juju Eats for you.

Now this restaurant offers a variety of delightful nutritious healthy meals.  From salad, wraps and paninis, these represent their passion to refuel, rebuild and heals oneself.  The meals evolved from their focus in the beginning which is body cleansing.  They still have this option on a customized level.

Now on to serving sizes.  Judging from the bowl itself, the salads are way more adequate for a growing adult like me.  The wraps were huge and the paninis are ample in sizes, the pasta in great quantity for their prices.

Taste wise, we started off with the salads.  Now these are phenomenal.  They have a good varieties of these which you will truly love.  The paninis tasted great, the wraps were heavenly.  These were direct opposite of what healthy foods were like when I was growing up.  Gone are the days of tasteless yet healthy dishes.  These offerings from Juju Eats proved that my younger days were boring.  Now healthy eating is trending and in exciting times with tasty morsels and treats.

Juju Eats are available in various locations in Metro Manila and we only sampled the one in Tordesillas Street in Salcedo Village, Makati.

For more information about them and their dishes, or you became hungry because of this article, you can order through Food Panda.  Simply download the Food Panda App in Appstore (IOS) or Google Play (Android) and order away.

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