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Dining | Another Quick Chow at Hen Lin SM Megamall

Tucked in a cubby hole in SM Supermarket in Megamall, you will find Hen Lin.  It was a little known brand before until now.  It has blossomed into a lot of branches and for me comes second to the largest chinese food chain here in the Philippines, don't quote me on this. LOL.

Usually I don't eat dimsum here nor noodles as their rice meals I consider value for money. This time I was in a hurry to my next engagement and I was hungry.  I don't know if I'll like the food there so as a back up, I got to eat here.

Found wanton mami for Php55 and I got a good serving size.  It's not something that will make you full full but just enough to fill your tummy.  I have this amoebiasis thing inside me and it will go wild if I left my tummy hungry.  So I need to take in something to keep them in check.

Tastewise, I can't demand more as I said, its value for money.  If I wanted more delicious tasting noodles, I would go for another restaurant.  This one just filled my need and just right.  For Php55 you can't demand much more taste.  Hope they won't tweak the taste and serving size which could lessen them, hope they do otherwise though.

If you are hungry during your travel and wants a quick fix, Hen Lin noodles and dimsum is it for you.  Check out our previous article on their rice meals here