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Dining | Choco Heaven at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Cafe

Located in Molito in Alabang, this cafe is your chocolate heaven.  This is just one of the three branches they have in the Philippines.  I learned from their staff this brand came from the US and all materials (almost) are imported in the Philippines and products are prepared in a local commissary.  Quality is controlled thus they are confident they are offering premium chocolate items to its customers.

That being said, items maybe be bit pricey but value is equal to that of its price.  What we tried out here are their chocolate drinks which we find delicious.  I wasn't able to take photos of it as immediately I tasted and drank it all the way down.  Pricewise its just right for the drink we ordered.

Serving wise, its also right. It's like drinking a cup of the same chocolate thing from a seattle based cafe brand, but this one is a bit more.  If you want a chocolate drink, better take it from these guys.

As we came here to talk and not dine, we did not order anymore chocolate themed food items.  The only non chocolates here are their Tuna Turnover, Chicken Curry Turnover, Chili con Carne Turnover and Sausage Puff.  Each would cost you Php195.  We skipped these already as we were happy with our chocolate drinks.

If you are a chocolate lover, then this place is it, it will be heaven for you.

For more about them, visit their facebook page here.