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Dining | Breakfast at 35,000 feet Air Asia Style

As we end our Panay Island tour, we used Air Asia to come back to Manila.  Our flight was the first trip out so breakfast is in order.  I pre-ordered my meal when I bought my ticket so I won't be worried that I'll be hungry during my flight.  Cost of my chicken adobo was Php150.

When it was served to me, it was hot, not piping hot, more like warm.  Serving size, it was the same like with my lunch box at home.  I surmised that this will fill my tummy just right during this flight.  Opening the same is easy and when the lid is off, the whiff of the adobo fills my nose with great gusto.  Wow it smells so nice.  The passenger next to me, who didn't order almost ordered when he saw my meal.

Going back to serving size, the rice is around a cup and a half and the chicken had a few pieces inside.  It didn't disappoint and truly I had my fill of a good breakfast.

Thanks Air Asia for a wonderful meal.  Thanks to the staff who were courteous as well.  I had a bad night waiting for my flight in Iloilo International Airport, but the flight back to Manila somehow balanced it off.  I see more flights on Air Asia in the coming months for me.

We suggest that when you book for your low cost flights, you book your food as well.  In previous air travels of mine, I stay away from inflight meals assuming these would be 1) expensive and 2) serving size would be horrendously small.  I was wrong.  So make sure to book it along with your flight and insurance.

Booking online in Air Asia is a breeze.  Simply log on to