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Environment | The Philippines Sustainable Seafood Week

Last February at the Marriott Hotel, it opened the Third Sustainable Seafood Week in the Philippines.  A Celebration of seafood and a place for sharing of best practices in sustainable fisheries by various restaurants, hotels and culinary institutions.  The event also raises the issue of awareness among themselves the problems plaguing the seafood industry.

The venue also showed the declining number of seafood harvests thus they are pushing for better practices among the fishermen and the whole fishing industry.  The group, composed of hotels, restaurants and culinary schools have banded together to impose restrictions on their seafood suppliers.  They are now requiring that the supplies delivered must have been caught in sustainable methods or else they won't allow its purchase and subsequent sale in their establishments.

The group also tied up with various groups such as Greenpeace and the National Government to pursue the vision of sustainable seafood.  They also cited that the controlled harvest of seafood products are not detrimental to the livelihood of the industry but showed that it was beneficial to the community who does follow their vision.  An example was the case of the Vietnam clam fisheries community, with 13,000 households who benefit from practicing sustainable methods.

In the end, they were happy that on its third year of the event, the Philippines is maturing in its commitment to sustainable seafood without compromising the environment.