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Dining | Finally We Had Deco's La Paz Batchoy

This writer has finally had what a La Paz Batchoy should taste like.  While we were into our Panay Island tour, in our last city visit, we found Deco's La Paz Batchoy in Iloilo.

It was Dinagyang when we were here and it was difficult to find batchoy amidst the sea of sinugba restaurants.  Good thing I had my friend who's based in this city and we found it.  On to our food journey.  The one we found by the way was located in front of Shoemart on Delgado Street.

Looking up at their menu board, dishes were a few.  Not that this restaurant is bad, my friend told me they don't need to expand their menu.  Hinting that they merely focused on what made them the best batchoy in the city.

Now ordering is a breeze, the staff were accommodating as I had lots of questions on the quality of batchoy they serve.  My Batchoy was priced Php85, I ordered the super. Based on experience I was skeptical of photos of the dishes presented.  They looked huge on pictures yet when in reality it was just a small serving.  For Deco's, to make things simple, they have the actual bowls on the counter so you can have an idea how big or small what you are ordering.  Even with evidence at hand, I was still skeptical.  Yes I have the bowl in front of me, yet it was empty.  How much of the batchoy will be served in the bowl I asked.  To allay my fears, I chose the super.  Aside from batchoy, I ordered the Humba over steamed rice as well.  I had two orders just for myself.

The orders had to be prepared so it will take a bit of time before you can munch up on the batchoy and humba.  Hurray for my friend who was with me and we wiled the waiting time away.  Surprisingly, just a few minutes passed by when our orders were served right away.

Looking at the arrived batchoy, I realized how a super sized bowl look like in real life.  It was huge!!!!!  And the toppings filled to the brim, I can't see the noodles underneath anymore.  The Humba fragrance filled the room and boy that smelled great!!!!

When we finally digged in, all stories stopped.  I was mesmerized by the food so much that I had to take it all slowly.  I was afraid that eating these delicious dishes fast would lessen the great dining experience.  I know being a blogger I should take lot of photos but doing so would me that my dishes would grow cold.  Bad idea I thought.  Took a few snaps, then I chomped on these as fast as you say Deco's La Paz Batchoy.

What a great way to finish the 4 province Panay Island tour I had with a great tasting batchoy and humba.  Thanks Deco's La Paz Batchoy.  I know I have another visit lined up, can't wait to go back for more.

Deco's are all over Iloilo so you will find one for sure when you visit this great city.  Now you can also reach them in Facebook here.