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Dining | Coming Back For More - North Park Araneta Center

After eating way back last year (For our review click here) we only had noodles then.  For our second visit, I had to try out their rice meals!  (I apologize beforehand for the minimal pictures herein.  It simply means I ate the stuff I ordered right away - as to why read on).

For this visit we had the double pork something (sorry I forgot what they call it).  Actually for me, they looked like pork chops and two pieces at that.  For this meal, I don't know how to start this review.  When my order came, the aroma from the pork chop was so enthralling I can't place what ingredients went into them.  So olfactory wise (a new term for me) it's worth its price already.

The pork was deep fried from the looks of it and when I bit into it, it was crunchy in the outside yet so juicy and soft in the inside.  How was this possible?  When I cook pork at home, when I achieved the crispiness I like, its dry and stale in the inside for me.   How? If you have the answer, please do email me at

Now taste wise, the marinade (if there is one) simply jumps up to my taste buds and been dancing the macarena on my tongue.  I don't want to chew right away as I want to savor the taste a bit more.  Pairing it with the fluffy jasmine rice, OMG please stop me from hailing more praise.

Oh there's a sauce by my side.  I forgot about that.  Dip it there, the whole pork thing takes you to another direction.  Still great tasting but with a twist from my first bite.  Although great it is with the sauce, I still feel that the sauce was taking the sweetness of their rice so I didn't use it anymore.  Pork with rice is a winner for me. 

Definitely I will recommend it for you to try this double pork something meal of theirs.  Costs Php160ish I think, its worth the price really.  Will definitely eat this again.

And also if you have dropped by merienda time, may I also add they have a Merienda promo with their famous siopao.  Another best seller on their menu.  It comes with a glass of Ice Tea for Php65 if I remember correctly.

For more about them, visit their facebook page here