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Dining | Supreme Italian (?) Pizza with Santino's

A true italian pizza is not like this.  I apologize for the first line if it sounded negative.  I was just stating a fact.  Their pizza is great for the price of Php28 per slice versus the italian's price of Php100 on an average.  Taste wise its different as well.  Now let me break down our experience for you.

Location.  We tried the Santino's here in SM Megamall and they are just in a hole in a wall at the SM Supermarket.  I was looking for something to tide me over my next meal and their price of Php28  for a slice was hard to resist.

Serving size. It wasn't as big as the italian ones and the price was just right if you ask me.   Now taste wise, it was like the spaghetti with the bee.  It has already been Filipinized.  Its already sweet and to come up with a good price, ingredients were watered down or minimized.  I tasted more of the bread more than the ingredients itself.  They tasted a bit more delicious than the small pizza shops at our corner village (which was cheaper) but theirs was located in a mall and with a more popular brand maybe.

Stomach wise, I can't complain as one slice hit the right spots for me.  It did tide me over till my next meal.  If this was my meal, then I would go buy two more slices of their pizza.  One slice won't cut it and I will go after the taste, maybe with three slices I can the right taste that I expect.  Not an italian pizza in my books still.  I would consider them a good Filipino Pizza that's worth their price, I can attest to that.  I can't ask for more from them, I just can't connect with their tagline "supreme italian pizza".

For more information about their pizza simply visit their facebook page here