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Dining | Teresita's of San Fernando

Recently this writer was in City of San Fernando, La Union and we didn't have time to go around so when we found this restaurant in the Festival Mall food court in Alabang, we just had to try this out.  Although we don't know if this really came from La Union or from Pampanga, we didn't care anymore as we immediately dug in.

We tried out their promo Php99 and I got the Kare Kare.  Serving time took a while so they give out these round thingies.  These things ring and light up when your food is ready to be served.

Now it took some time to finally get my food and I thought the wait was worth it.  The Kare Kare was a bit dry or too "malapot" for me. I was used to the watery type of Kare Kare so that was a surprise for me.  Taste wise, the wait wasn't worth it.  I don't think I would be ordering the same dish from them.

Rice wise, glad it was not the dry type.  It was just like jasmine rice somehow, but serving wise, it was just a small cup.  If you were on a diet, its perfect.  However this writer wasn't so it was "bitin" for me.  Actually, the serving size was just right as I wasn't able to finish the dry Kare Kare that they served.  I withdraw my complaint on rice serving size.

Good thing the meal comes with free soup.  It was nice but wasn't great enough to tide this writer over the Kare Kare and the rice.  The service staff wasn't cheery as well so I won't be going back to this place any time soon.  I do hope you the reader, when you dine or eat at this place will have a different dining experience.  If you do, hit me an email at and tell me about your lovely experience with Teresita's of San Fernando.

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