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Dining | A Not So Expensive Takoyaki with Saibachi

We have reviewed already Saibachi before, the one located near the SM Hypermarket but this one we shall review the takoyaki located below at the Festival Mall Food Court.

Costing only Php25 for three pieces, I was skeptical at first about its taste and overall experience.  Judging from our last review, Saibachi really tries to put out authentic japanese dishes so we felt good trying this one out.

Just to make sure, we asked what are inside these critters.  The true takoyaki has octopus legs or cutlets in them, for their take here, they put in a sizeable amount of squid chunks and some vegetables.

Serving size, the balls were not your normal things you see around metro manila.  When I saw how much squid they put in each ball, this made me want to order right away.  I took out a box, it costs Php125. 

Even when I took it home, the takoyakis tasted great.  It was toasty on the outside, gooey on the inside, the japanese mayo with all the condiments on them combined to provide a dining or eating experience equal to that of a true japanese restaurant.

This kiosk is only serving takoyaki so you can expect they can deliver these with consistent and timely manner.  Expect the glorious taste every time you order.  The box I took home was eaten right away and can't wait to order some more as soon I would be back in Festival Mall Alabang.

For more about Saibachi, visit their facebook page here.