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Entertainment | Why Bad Guys Are After the Infinity Stones

Now that the Avengers Infinity War is fast approaching, we would like to point out that Thanos is after the Infinity Stones or Infinity Gems.  So what are these stones and why is he after them?  We had a number of movies showing bad men going after them so what are these then?

Space Stone
This was the first stone we saw in the Marvel cinematic universe.  Although it wasn't mentioned as an infinity stone, we saw it being used to manufacture futuristic weapons by Hydra in Captain America.    It was then featured in The Avengers, with Thor bringing it back to his homeworld of Asgard for safekeeping. Supposedly its power was teleportation.  We have yet to see it used that way.

Reality Stone
This is the red floating liquid thingie that attaches to a host.  We saw this in Thor The Dark World as it infects Natalie Portman's character.  Its power should give the host tremendous power if wielded properly.  This is why the elves wanted this stone.  In the end, it was given to the Collector for safekeeping.  Giving it to him puzzles us why him?  As of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, his house was blown up.  We don't know if its still there or not with the Collector.

Power Stone
Really its called the orb?  Oh well, this purple stone was featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy.  An awesome stone who if wielded by an super being can devastate an entire planet by its mere touch.  Who wouldn't like such power you may ask. Me of course.  Oh well, its now housed with the intergalactic Nova Corps at the end of the film.

Mind Stone
Vision's Forehead
From being Loki's Scepter in The Avengers and now on Vision's forehead.  This stone can control the minds of others.  Very powerful stone indeed.  It is now the source of Vision's power.  With this stone on his head, definitely Thanos will go after him in the movie.

Soul Stone
Source of Vibranium (?)
This stone allows the user to steal, control, manipulate, and later living and dead souls.  The soul gem is also the gateway to a pocket universe.  At full potential, the Soul stone grants the owner control over all life in the universe.  We have a notion this is was the stone that crash landed in Wakanda.  Giving the country that enormous wield on technology.  Although we haven't seen it in the film, all the characteristics of this stone can be seen half the time.

Time Stone
Eye of Agamotto
Seen in the movie Dr. Strange , this stone was encased and used as a pendant and gives Dr. Strange the power to manipulate time.  Its so powerful to control time thus Thanos would surely want to get his hands on this.

Now Earth is just a miniscule speck in universe and that its people are not technologically advanced.  Why are they coming here on earth?  Just a question that popped into my mind.  Oh well, have fun watching the Avengers Infinity War Part One coming out in May 2018.  

Watch herein the second trailer to come out recently.

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