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Food Panda Food Crawl | Chomping at Middle Earth in Down To Earth

Doing the Food Crawl with Food Panda has been a drive to healthy heaven.  This time we were ushered into Down to Earth along Malugay Street in Makati.  I called the area Middle Earth as this place is constantly under heavy traffic.  Thank God for Food Panda, these guys can have the food from Down to Earth delivered to your doorstep.

Others offer healthy food choices, others offer vegan, now this restaurant offers organics. Its a process of farming using natural methods.  No chemicals, no pesticides, simply organics.

Down to Earth is a family farm located in Bukidnon where they grown biodynamic vegetables and raise and source grass fed cattle, heritage free range pork, lamb and native poultry.  A very unusual way of running a farm in the age of industrial and commercialization.  

We were offered their tasty organic burger which by the way blew me away.  Salad greens were crunchy and guilt free for me and don't get me started on the Chocolate ice cream they served us.

The restaurant also houses a store so all the organic stuff they have in their farm are also being sold here.  Talk about the grass fed cattle, pork, lamb and chickens, they have it in stock here.   Various bottles of naturally processed virgin coconut oil and liver pate are just among those sold here along with micro green plants on its shelves.

Since we mentioned biodynamics and micro greens, these things are greek to me.  Thank God for their staff who were very accommodating to explain to us what these are and what these can do for our bodies and to our lifestyle.

For more information about them and their dishes, or you became hungry because of this article, you can order through Food Panda.  Simply download the Food Panda App in Appstore (IOS) or Google Play (Android) and order away.

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