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Travel PH | A Paradise You Can Own in Porto Laiya

If you are living and working in the bustling city of Metro Manila, there is a big chance that you are stressed like I am.  Now to de-stress, there's one quick getaway for you.  Porto Laiya in Laiya Batangas is that get away for you.  

Simply 4 hours away from Metro Manila, this place is private residential location that assures you of a quiet time with your family.  I personally experienced this with my family and we had a grand time.  Seldom that we go out and this time we tried Porto Laiya to the hilt.

Arriving in the Tamarind Cove, its a wide expanse of a building that will simply sweep you off your feet.  It has a big open dining area with large cabanas and equipped with a horizon pool.  At its edges, you will find a white sand beach that greets you with peacefulness.  Off its waters, they are helping in the upkeep of coral formations just a few meters from the beach.  Batangas is known for great dive sites and this place is no exception.

Its a private location so you will definitely enjoy the place with you only or with less people.  If you desire more people, simply walk a few meters to the public beach where bars and restaurants abound.  Why go to more people is beyond me, but if you desire it, then you can have it as well here.

So my family, we were there and had a great time in Porto Laiya. My eldest had her "awra moment", my second loved the wide expanse of the beach, my third loved swimming at their horizon or infinity pool, my youngest? I don't know what he liked maybe all since he was happy most of the time.

 Imagine your family is here.  For sure they will have good time.  This piece of paradise is not open to the public sadly.  We were just fortunate that we were given the chance to frolic under the batangas sun.  Now you can have the same experience if you own a piece of paradise in Porto Laiya.

Yes, you can have your own house directly on the property and enjoy the beautiful beach, the wonderful coral formations, the nice wind breeze, the warm morning sun and the cool setting sun.  With just a few hours from Manila, you can simply leave your worries behind and come to your other home, your home in Porto Laiya.

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