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Travel PH | A Quiet Mountain Getaway in Campsite - Orani Bataan

When you get to a mountain resort, if its a day tour, you will just get to see half of its splendor.  You see the flowing river, get to bask in dappled sunlight, and see wildlife, thats how it is.  To get to its full glory, one must stay the night in it and get the feel of its night life.  We did just that here in Campsite located in Orani Bataan.

From Cubao, we took the airconditioned bus of Genesis.  We simply hopped on the bus to Bataan (via Genesis Bus Line), destination either Balanga or Mariveles.  It will passby Orani along the highway where you alight.  Fare costs Php177 from Cubao to Orani.  On the highway, there are lots of tricycle to take you the Campsite.

Before going to the Campsite, we have to stock up on provisions and we went to the town proper first and went to the public market.  Tricycle costs Php60 for 4 pax.  We bought fish, rice, snacks, just enough to survive an overnight stay at the Campsite.

From the pubic market, we looked for a tricycle to take us to the Campsite.  This is where its tricky.  Drivers are bit hesitant to talk to tourists and you get the feeling you will be bamboozled.  First they said fare one way costs Php150 for two pax.  We were 4 in a group so they suggested to get two tricycles.  We haggled but to no avail.  Your haggling skills will be tested here.  In the end we got one tricycle to take us to the campsite for Php200.

If you have provisions from Manila already, taking the tricycle from the Highway to the Campsite they said was Php100 but it isn't true.  Costs vary from Php120-150 depending on the driver you talk you.  They know you are tourists so easy prey.  I don't want to sound negative, but thats how it is in Orani.

Upon reaching the place, the caretakers are very courteous people.  Entrance ranges from Php60-80 pesos.  You may get the open cottages for Php600-800.  Closed cottages and the bahay kubo will cost a bit more.  Camping is also allowed in the premises and its cheaper, but somehow they managed to upsell us to an open cottage and we still get to set up camp.  No more fees camping for us.

Amenities on site.  They have two pools, one for kids and one for adults.  The adult pool has a depth of 5 feet so its a bit scary for this writer.  They clean these pools daily however 'lumot' or moss is still prevalent on the rocks so watch your step always when you are in their pool.

They have a videoke machine that is coin operated so have your singing chords ready along with your Php5 coins.  They have adequate rest rooms and shower rooms so its fine.  Its a bit far from your cottages so that's a hassle.  At the back of your cottages, or near your tables, you will find cooking areas which is very adequate.  You can grill or cook your food.  Oh by the way, they allow you to bring your own food.  Also, if you are a nice person and you come in during weekdays, they will lend you cooking pots and pans and eating utensils (make sure you clean them before returning).  

There's a store in the campsite so if forget to buy something, then you are in luck.  Remember its not a supermarket so don't expect them to have lots of items on stock.

After we set camp, took some dips in the pool, we prepared dinner and then we settled into chit chats till bedtime.  Being in a mountain resort, you can only hear the sound of the flowing river and occasionally sounds of animals.  

Glad that they have electricity there so the campsite was well lit all around.  Security was tight as well.  They have assigned a person to guard its perimeter, including us on a regular hourly basis.

Nothing beats waking up the following morning with a gentle cool breeze in the mountains.  We had a quiet breakfast before the staff cleaned the pools so it was a very great morning.

Going back to Manila is not easy.  Since it was a weekday, there were a few guests who came in the morning we left so we had to request for a tricycle.  This we ended up paying Php160 for 4 pax.  A bit steep but a necessary cost.

Along the highway there are a lot of buses going back to Cubao, Pasay or Avenida so nothing to worry about.  They leave their terminals with some seat empty so you can still choose which part of the bus you want.  Travel time is 4-5 hours so get some sleep along the way as well.

Overall, if you need to relax, don't want to do much activities, then the Campsite in Barangay Pag-asa in Orani Bataan is our bet for you.  Cellular signal is weak in these parts so don't expect that you'll be receiving FB message nor SMS regularly.  That spells peace and quiet for you.  Enough to ponder upon many things in life.  A quick escape from the stress of the world and coming back to Manila refreshed.

Costing for this trip is as follows;

How to get to Orani Bataan
Public Transport
Bus Lines plying the route are Victory Liner, Bataan Transit and Genesis Bus Lines.  They have terminals in Cubao, Pasay and Avenida.  Fare costs on an average of Php177.  For a fare matrix for Bataan Transit, click here -

There are buses going straight to Orani only but Campsite is much easier to reach via the highway.

Private Car or Van
If you prefer driving.  Take NLEX, then you can exit at San Fernando or take the SCTEX.  Take the road going to Dinalupihan then along the highway you will see a sign on the right going to Sinagtala Resort.  Thats the road you take going up the mountain.  Upon reaching Barangay Pag-asa, just right after the public school, theres' a sign on your left that will guide you to the Campsite.  We apologize if we can't give you the costs of gas and toll for this.