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Dining | OinkChop - Festival Mall

A recent to the trip to Festival Mall made me aware that the food court, the old one, had a new food outlet available to the public. Its called OinkChop.  Was lucky enough to dropby today and had a short chat with its owner.

This was their second store, the first one is located in Evia Mall.  This one located in Festival Mall was their latest foray in the Alabang Area.

As you can see, their pricing is so simple.  Its either Php69, Php89 and Php99.  Seeing this made me quiver all over and with great marketing materials and eye popping menu board design, immediately I lined up and ordered.  I got the sinigang na baboy and the lechon kawali.

Now serving size of the food.  I can't expect much judging from the prices herein so I was not frustrated with the serving.  It was just right and filled my tummy very well.  Now taste wise, oh well, as I said earlier, for the price, I can't ask for more.  

The lechon kawali was passable but the sinigang was way off my expectation.  Maybe they just opened and the people were still warming up to their presence.  The sinigang was like it was left in the fridge then thawed via microwave.  The soup was cold in some parts of the bowl and the oil was still slimy.  The Lechon Kawali was a bit off as well, it was hard to chew as if it had its time since it was cooked.  Good thing it softened a bit when I submerged it in soy sauce.  What surprised me was, even when soaked in soy sauce it wasn't salty, but was just right.  This means the meat was not salty.  

As mentioned preceding, people still didn't know that a new budget meal restaurant is now available so people were not ordering as often during my visit.  Their food got stale.  I hope someone will watch out for their quality.  Even with great prices like theirs, I as a diner or consumer, I still demand value for money.  Since this is their second store, I do hope they recover from this quality snafu and they offer me good food the next time I come around..

For more details about them, better visit them on their facebook page here.