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About Town | The Green School Campaign

In support with the national search for sustainable and eco-friendly schools rationale;

The Green School Campaign is a nationwide training and calibration of Educational Institutions that would like to participate in the National Search for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools project of Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education and Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

This nationwide search aims: To encourage schools/academic institutions to become more actively involved in environmental issues at a practical and local level; To develop skills and understanding among the students, faculty and school administrators in initiating active responses and increasing community awareness and participation on environmental concerns.
The nationwide search is in response to the following:
  • Republic Act No. 9512 also known as the National Environmental Awareness and Education Act of 2008;
  • ASEAN Environmental Education Action Plan for Sustainable Development (2014-2018).
Some of the Eco-Friendly School Programs that can be implemented:

1.    Physical cleanliness, orderliness and beautification of the school
2.    Energy conservation and demand management
3.    Water conservation/water management (maintenance of potable water)
4.    Paper conservation/paper recycling
5.    Waste reduction, waste segregation, recycling and composting
6.    Anti-pollution programs
7.    Seedling production/vegetable gardening and marketing
8.    Reforestation and/or nursery establishment
9.    Establishment of green spaces
10.  Green information and education campaigns
1   11.  Climate change adaptation and mitigation programs
     12.  Disaster risk reduction and management programs
     13.  Youth involvement in the greening of schools


    The Mr. Earth Philippines Organization led by Mr. Earth Philippines 2017-2018 - Mr. Carlo Roy Gorospe Roslinda partnering with EarthVenture Inc. the leading bioremediation company, Cain Training Center and Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy has partnered to launch the GREEN SCHOOL CAMPAIGN. The launch started with an opening message from Mr. Anselmo Leaño Jr. (School Administrator- Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy), followed by the explanation of the campaign by Mr. Carlo Roy G. Roslinda (Mr. Earth Phil. 2017-2018) it was continued by Chef Jessie S. De Lara (Green Chef- Environmental Advocate) for the Green Culinary with cooking demo. 

     The three dishes that were prepared are: Sayote- Okoy, Banana- Apple Cookies and Yogurt Canape. Chef Jessie stressed on the ‘sustainability’ as the main goal of the Green Culinary as well as in making green dishes affordable and accessible. The floor was opened for question and answer as one of the issues in the pricing of the organic produce was discussed, Chef Jessie emphasized that the mind-set for organic should be changed and that backyard gardening should be promoted as sighting the Rizal High School as the pilot school adopted by Mr. Earth Carlo to be a great model, wherein one area is already a “Pinakbet Garden” while the next that would be set-up is meant to be a “Salad-Bowl Garden”.

    Transitioning the program was Ms. Rina T. Papio (EarthVenture Inc. – CEO), that discusses the current status of Food Waste problem and the best possible solution in making sure it would not go to the landfill. The Food Waste Composting was elaborated through the use of Bokashi method as well as the impact of the bioremediation in mitigating the effect of the climate change was talked about. Ending her segment was a challenge on how to use our own resources in creating a better environment, a better earth starting on our own home.  

    The dishes that was prepared by Chef Jessie, also went for sharing as the session took a 15 minute coffee break.

As the session resumes, it was a serious talk on UPCYCLING and ECO BRICKING By Mr. Carlo Roy G. Roslinda (Mr. Earth Phil. 2017-2018). His talk was a concise and data-driven segment with focus not just on the waste segregation but on making sure that the solid waste that we usually have on our home can be upcycled and turn into a more functional materials. He also discussed the proper way of creating a quality eco-brick. 

Truly Mr. Earth Philippines 2017-2018 Mr. Carlo Roy G. Roslinda has proven that a beautiful face could also have a brain full of wisdom and a heart full of passion for the environment a fitting characteristic for our countries representative in the Mr. Earth International that is happening on April 17-22, 2018.

The last part of the discussion was the most practical as Mr. Lance Navoa (founder of Mr. Earth Ph) discusses setting-up the Urban Gardening Concept. This segment has become more interactive as he discusses the do’s and don’ts of the Urban Gardening alongside the distribution of seedlings to start off with.

The last part of the program was the most essential part as The Mr. Earth Philippines Organization led by Mr. Earth Philippines 2017-2018 - Mr. Carlo Roy Gorospe Roslinda,  EarthVenture Inc. the leading bioremediation company represented by Ms.Rina T. Papio, Cain Training Center’s Green Chef Jessie de Lara  and Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy’s School Administrator Mr. Anselmo Leaño Jr. has officially signed the MOA to continuously implement the GREEN SCHOOL CAMPAIGN. Everybody went home happy specially the 5 persons who won a discount voucher worth Php 5,000.00 each and the 4 persons who won a short course scholarship worth Php 7,500.00 each from Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy.