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Cupcake Bikers Epic Baguio Charity Ride and Bonus Highest Point Ride

The Cupcake Bikers founded by celebrity cyclist and Trinx endorser, idol Sir Gardo Versoza, successfully finished a bike ride to Baguio from February 16 - 17, 2018 for the benefit of Mr. Bernardo Bernardo. 

Team Sarge crossing the Benguet Province arch!

Enjoying the majestic mountains at the view deck with the oldest rider, Sir Wencie Monakil (60), and Sir Romeo Sanchez.

Celebrity cyclist idol Sir Gardo Versoza still so fresh and smells so good after biking to Tarlac. 
Sir Ran Paras celebrated his birthday with the Cupcakes and gave a sumptuous feast to all the riders at Gerona, Tarlac!

After a scorching ride along Tarlac, the Cupcakes are now covered with jackets as they battle with the cold weather in Baguio.
The Cupcake Bikers after spending a good night sleep in Baguio.
Pa-cute ang mga mata ni Cupcake Marshal Benhard. In-love kay Jazmine! <3

Resting at Tarlac with new-found friends like Ms. Jean Foxtrot!
Learned something new from them, bring a mat so you can sleep anywhere. ^_^

With one of the Head Marshals, Sarge Rodel Lopez, who made sure that everyone is safe and secure.
Mapapagod pero hindi susuko 😍 My best ride ever ❤ - John Edward Burgos

Phors Reyes Acoba: "My best experience is super enjoy ako sa lahat ng nakasama ko sa ride! Umuwi kaming lahat nang naka ngiti."

"Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection."
- Lawrence DurellRoland Dela Cruz Bernal: It was my most epic ride to date! Pedaled all the way from Manila to Baguio, with an overnight stay at Pangasinan along the way and cycled around 270 kilometers by the time we arrived at Lion's Head, Baguio City.

Roland Dela Cruz Bernal: It was a very memorable, treasurable and immeasurable experience in my whole biking career.

Thanks to my Team Laguna buddies; Team Budol of One Laguna Bikers Club Jason Atienza Odper, Cielo Delos Santos, Christian Jay Acuña, Ambet Ciner and Ronny Ogana who were very supportive during the ride and all Team Cupcakes headed by Sir Dodge Porras and Sir Sarge Rodel Lopez with cooperation of Ma'm Ella Dator Perez and all who in one way or another did a very good job in making this event possible. Mabuhay po kayo! 'Till next.  
Christian Sevilla traffic sa Baguio .. with Baguio city walis tambo 

Delson Agbayani Agpaoa
 Lion Head, Baguio City it was a very...very memorable ride thanks sa lahat sa team na ito..mabuhay Cupcake Bikers...
Anthony Flores Masaya po kahit sobrang hirap ng epic Baguio charity ride. Kain together w/ new friends!
Favorite photo of Head Marshal Sir Dodge Porras!
That's how hard the ride was!
Kahit mga super mamaw, sobrang napagod!
Mhon Jr Barrera Not just a charity and an epic ride. It was a Valentines date for us.. Thank You so much cupcakes for this ride..

Mhon Jr Barrera Team Hugot Bikers rides from Valenzuela toBaguio City not to go beyond boundaries and limits. Not to challenge any bikers. But to meet new friends and be in one with a RIDE HARD PRAY HARD spirit.
Scqaf Orimisac Daang Disyerto, sobra pong init ng aspalto, parang umaalon ang patag na daan po hehehehe!
Khachie Dela Rosa #Cupcake143 #TeamHugotBikers  goes to Atok..

Arsenio T Iniwasan Jr. Ako naman ung naligo ako sa Highest Point. Sarap parang nsa ref ang tubig!
Momai RNd ung may nagvolunteer na kuhaan ako ng picture, kasi pag ikot ng mga mata ko, ako lang pala ang single, lahat sila couple ðŸ˜‚

Lodi Ultramarathoner Sir LeoMVP conquered the Lion's head early and was already heading back home by lunch time! Podium finisher!

Heading towards the Lion's Head with Lead Marshal Sir Rhen Nasol.

Ronnie Punu Paunil Congrats po sa ating lahat. Masaya akong napasama ako sa ganitong grupo. Puno ng respeto sa isa't isa at may pusong makatao na handang tumulong sa mga nangangailangan. Salute sa inyo Cupcakes. 
So grateful to the Cupcake Bikers Magnificent 7 who made my dream ride to the Highest Point of the Philippine Highway System possible.  It's harder than what I expected but God's angels were always keeping us safe until we reached our destination.  And the hardest part of the ride was sleeping in house with freezing cold weather. After the ride, we enjoyed a fresh strawberry ice cream from Sir Wencie, the 60-year old mamaw, and had a recovery meal at Don Henrico's Pizza Restaurant.  Then we visited Baguio Cathedral to thank the Lord for all the blessings! I also thank God for having a friend like Sir Arsenio T Iniwasan Jr., a person-with-disability, but he's one of the strongest and kindest persons on earth!  Also rode with the Mamaw Watermelon Helmet owner, Sir Momai, the dancing boyfriend, Sir Ronnie, and the silent but strong rider Sir Roland. The Valedictorian, Sir RJ, biked all the way back home! ðŸ˜‡ Thanks also to the other Cupcake Bikers and Marshals, especially Sir Dodge S. Porras, Sir LeoMVP and Sir Gardo Versoza, who kept checking our location. Upcoming rides: Marinduque Loop, Luzon Loop and Philippine Loop ðŸ˜‡