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Dining | Change of Name Still The Same Feel for Dipping Dumplings

Is changing the name or creating a new brand worth it?  This place herein has Paotsin written all over it but it isn't Paotsin on the sign.  Its Dipping Dumplings.  The violet color theme is Paotsin, the fried dimsum with rice theme is definitely Paotsin, but Its Dipping Dumplings.

Oh well, lets review them as Dipping Dumplings then and lets see how it plays out.  First off, they have an expanded menu this time.  They have what I love, pork chops.  So it wasn't difficult to choose among their menu.  Ordered one right off from the counter.

Waited just a little bit then they called my number.  Was so happy to get mine.  Seldom do I am happy or get excited when my order is being served.  This is one of those times.

Look at that huge pork chop.  Its a butterfly cut I think and it made the pork chop huge in size.  Its all over my effin plate.  What made me like this even more is that the cut wasn't thin.  It's enough to feed a hungry traveller like me.  Others are cut so thin that you'd still be left hanging.  Their chops still  have enough thickness in them and thin enough to make it crispy at the same time.  So serving size its great.

Pricewise, it costs only Php90 and it comes with a cup of hainanese rice.  I don't know whats in those rice, but it is colored green.  That's how it is.  Sweet rice along with a bit salty and crispy pork chop priced at Php90, you can't get anything better than this.  The meal is really worth its price tag.

Tastewise, my excitement in waiting for my order transcended to my dining experience.  It truly is exciting.  The rice cooked just right and soft and sweet not dry and stale, pork chop was crispy and saltiness just right I can''t complain.

I almost forgot it has Paotsin all over it and it was only the drink that reminded of this fact.  The cup had Paotsin written all over it.

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