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Motoring | Manila International Auto Show 2018 Highlights

On its 14th year, the Manila International auto show 2018 or MIAS 2018 held true to its tradition of pushing the motoring industry a bit further every year.  For the recent show, a total of 10 car models were introduced.  Let us break it down for you.

European brands are back.  After noticing their absence, Jaguar and Land Rover is back with a new distributor in Coventry Motors.  They made their presence felt at the show, and they will be opening their flagship showroom soon late in the year.

Ford introduces the Expedition Limited Max and the new Mustang.  Talk about heft and speed.  These two car models has it.  The Mustang was a head turner at the event, introducing both sedans and convertibles during the show.

Biggest surprise was the introduction of Hyundai with four new car models!  The 2018 new look for Hyundai were shown in the introduction of their sub compact Kona and the new Santa Fe.  Another high speed entry was for the new Veloster and the earth loving Ioniq (hybrid).  Hyundai says these babies will start hitting the Philippine roads mid year.

If you love SUVs and crossovers, then welcome to the Philippines.  We are awash of these so mostly you see them here at the MIAS2018.

Now after seeing the usual car suspects, we introduced a new kid in the block, Gazelle Motors.  Coming from mother Russia, these bad boys came in with robust Megavans and trucks.  Truly built for toughness, these guys can handle our roads for sure.  For more about their vehicles, read more from our related article here -

What we found odd was during the event, Toyota was not there.  If you know the reason why, please do hit us an email at

See you at the next MIAS in 2019.