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Dining | Got to Have Seconds at Studio Bake

Since it was holy week,  our family was abstaining from meat, we decided to stock up on breads for the three day stretch when malls are closed.  Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday.  Yes of course there are other bakeries around but for this week we want it special.  Something short of a high end brand but artisinal.

We have visited Studio Bake in Festival Mall when they opened and loved the breads there so its a no brainer when I asked my kids if they want one.

So here I was back again to buy some more bread.  I liked the croissants before so I immediately grabbed them.  I took a picture of the breads and sent to my kids.  Hoping they would see it and check out what they want.  Seconds later, my phone was buzzing with orders.

Orders were for the different Danish and Mongo breads, cheesy volcanoes and creamy cheese breads.  The egg rolls I had to add them here.  Checked out, I never realized I bought a lot of breads.  Good thing they could fit on my panniers.  It filled it to the brim though.  Boy you should see how my kids loved the breads I brought back home.  

Fresh breads are done daily at the Studio Bake.  Maybe this is one of the reasons why these breads are great.  They make it on site and one can see it when you visit their store.  See them first hand at the expansion wing of the Festival Mall in Alabang.

As of our buying, they are offering 30% off on all their breads. So that's another great reason to get them.

For more about them, visit their facebook page here.