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Dining | Trix and Boxes - Alphaland Southgate Mall

Tucked at the corner of Alphaland Southgate Mall is a small coffee shop that's creating waves in our hearts. Its called Trix and Boxes, what a weird way to name a restaurant much less a cafe.

The frontage is not wide and they are at a corner that its easy not to notice them.  Except for the tarpaulin located outside, we wouldn't have been able to see this cafe.

Now don't judge them by their facade alone as this snack cafe goes deep into their menu and dish out great tasting food.  For our group of 14, surprisingly their food preparation was quick.  Thank maybe for the fact that we made an advance order, still all other additional orders came in really fast.

Most of us ordered the Three Cheese Chicken and the Tapa.  Best sellers in our book we reckon as we had only high praises for these two dishes.  Don't forget that they are a cafe as well so you may order your favorite lattes and fraps.  Almost all of their menu space is of coffee, teas and drinks so choosing a drink is not that easy.

Tastewise its okay and price wise is just right for the budget conscious wallet.  Serving size is just right as well to quell your hunger, just enough to tide you over the next meal.

So if you are in Alphaland Southgate Mall, and wants to eat or simply chill, Trix and Boxes is for you.

For more about them, you visit their facebook here.