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Dining | What a Restaurant Should Not Serve To Its Customers

(Let me start off this article with a disclaimer - this resto is not related to the Mommy Terry's in Capalonga Camarines Norte we already reviewed months back.)

This Momi Teri Ihawan Atbp is located at the Mandaluyong Circle, in Mandaluyong City.

Now this restaurant was very airy (non aircon), well lit, great ambience, cheerful staff, with ample parking in front, great menu prices.  This being said, I can't extend this good stuff to their food however.

First off, my order was the sizzling liempo costing Php120.  It took a while for it to be delivered as there were a lot of customers that time.  So not a bad wait, it came within reasonable waiting time.  When it arrived, check out the photo above.  It came with no sizzle and the sauce was burnt.  Later I found out, the meat was burnt as well.  I can't complain anymore as I was already hungry.  Taste wise, the burn wasn't that much so it was still edible.  Serving wise its a bit bigger than what I expected, and usually I order a second cup of rice, but this time I didn't.  Guess why.

My son ordered fried chicken, and somehow, it was also burnt.  Well, not as much as I had with mine but still, there's the smell of burned breading.  My son did not complain as well.  Tastewise, I guess it wasn't that bad as he finished the whole thing.  Serving wise, I am glad it was bigger than the usual I get from other restaurants, but burnt?  

Now we just had lesser luck with them maybe, as other people were enjoying their meals.  Or maybe the chef had a spat with his or her spouse while preparing for our meal, I dunno.  Unlucky us.  Maybe luck would be different if you visit them, but for us definitely we won't be coming back to them.

What a restaurant should not serve to its customers? burnt food.

(in their defense, we did not complain anymore due to 1) we were hungry already as food took time to be prepared 20 minutes 2) they only had one server and there were a number of customers 3) I was not in the mood for arguments)