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Travel PH | Bisikelta Iglesia 2018

This year we made our first Bisikleta Iglesia.  Its a variation of the Filipino custom of Visita Iglesia wherein devotees go around and pray in 7 churches.  Usually people walk around or drive around, but for this writer we chose to ride a bicycle.  We visited the following churches in Laguna;

1.  St. John the Baptist Church (Calamba, Laguna)

2. St. Polycarp Parish Church (Cabuyao Laguna)

3.  Santa Rosa de Lima Parish Church (Sta. Rosa Laguna)

4.  San Isidro Labrador Parish Church (Binan Laguna)

5.  San Pedro Apostol Parish Church (San Pedro Laguna)

6.  San Antonio De Padua Chapel (Mabini Street San Pedro Laguna)

7.  St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish Church (Muntinlupa City)


We started off from San Pedro, Laguna, cycled my way to Calamba, Laguna for my first church visit.  Then I cycled my way back passing through the towns of Cabuyao, Sta. Rosa, Binan, San Pedro and Muntinlupa.  A total of 55.5 kilometers, a gruelling 55.5 kilometers.  This might be a short ride for some but for my age? and I'm no athlete with a stock bike, this thing made me closer to God each time I pedal.

I had cramps on way to Calamba and had to stop twice enroute to rest.  I prayed to God similar to Desmond Doss in Hacksaw Ridge.  "Just one more" I always mumble on my way to Calamba.  After praying in Calamba, I almost decided to go home straight, yet whenever I pray "just one more", my bike seems to take a detour, on to the next church. 

I prayed 7 times and I visited 7 churches.  The power of prayer really is strong.  What made it equally surprising was that, my muscles were not sore from this activity.  I was still strong when I arrived home.  Glory to God really.

Happy Easter Everyone.