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Travel PH | Mt. Purro Nature Reserve

A few kilometers off the noisy streets of Metro Manila, we have a quiet solace for you in Rizal, the Mt. Purro Nature Reserve.  Its a compound wherein the environment is the main theme of the resort.  Cottages or accommodations are properly laid out to follow the contour of the land enhancing the experience a bit further.

Taking a break from the concrete jungle, this place offers comfort and serenity. Their cottages offer a unique encounter with nature and the use of indigenous materials raises that bar a little bit more.

The place itself is located in the mountains, thus the name.  It offers solitude (almost) for the weary wanderer.  Offers a number of rooms from suites to its dorms at reasonable prices.  Clean, spacious and smelling great accommodations, staying here is a bliss.  Unlike other hotels, they are devoid of most hotel comforts except for the water heater.  This is fine as you are here to commune with nature nothing else.

During daytime the place is a bit humid and hot the evenings are quite the opposite we were surprised.  Our cabin did not have airconditioning but since the place is in the mountains, it didn't need such a luxury. What we found surprising, there was no sound of crickets that night.  We had a great sleep in our beds.

Morning time is difficult.  It was cool that morning, thus making waking up much harder.  You would like to tuck in more in your bed than the usual.  Of course we had to get up right away as we were starting to get hungry.  We need to get up for breakfast.  Should you want to eat within the compound, you may, now as an alternative, there are a few karinderias or small restaurants along the road. 

Foodwise, they offer a variety of them.  We have sampled some of them and they don't disappoint in taste and serving size.  Price wise, they maybe steep, for us, its just about right.  Although not perfect, some things are still much to be desired.

For reservations, please visit their facebook page here