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Dining | Smells Great with Inihaw King

Daang Hari seems to be the next best thing these days.  Earlier we had some car shops, malls sprouting along these route, and restaurants are no exception to this.  For this occasion, we are featuring Inihaw King.  Located in Molino IV Baccor Cavite, its  just one ride from Molino or Alabang.

Among our other food reviews, this one is a very tough one.  Not because the food wasn't great, but otherwise.  A lot of food were served and it was difficult to choose which one we liked the most.  Lets just say we liked them all, a lot.

We loved all the food and there was a surprise as well.  They have a great tasting laing.  Its a must try for all even for meat lovers.  That is the first step.  Going over the Pork Specials, we were truly impressed by the Crispy Binagoogan and the Lechon Kawali held up its end of the bargain, 

Grilled and Beef Specials were to die for and the Pancit Canton was great as well.  Truly these foods tastewise is an okay from us.  Now off to serving size. 


The food were just right.  It's no fiesta but it does its part.  It will fill your tummy well and stave your hunger till your next meal.  If you are not a velociraptor like me then you might bring home in doggy bags.  Price wise, its a knock out.  One whole Inihaw na Manok costs only Php235, Pork Binagoongan Php185 and Inihaw na Liempo at Php195.  With these prices, my feet will definitely point here.

For more information about Inihaw King, visit their facebook page here