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Dining | Holy Crap at Holy Cow Sizzlers

You read the title right.  Our dining experience here was not that nice.  Usually we start off with the positives before we go the negatives but I can only find one good about the place.  And that is, they will always have a table for you when you eat here.  I was walking around SM Mall of Asia for half an hour just to get a decent dinner and I am always finding the restaurants that I like with long queues and waiting time.  Now when I saw the photo of the Cow, I knew right away they serve foods that well within my preference.  And they have lots of empty tables so no waiting, no queues.  That's Holy Cow Sizzlers.

Easy choice.  However there were signs right away why this place has no customers at dinner time.  When I approached the greeter to have me seated,  I was wondering why the greeter was merely standing in front of me.  He didn't even asked if I would to eat.  He merely stood there as if I wasn't in front.  It was awkward simply standing there, seeing that there no customers inside, I proceeded to let myself in.  When I opened the door, only then he realized that I was there, he helped keeping the door open.  How gentlemanly of him.

Since I was in,  he didn't guide me to a table.  He simply closed the door behind me.  Then I was hoping there would be another person to guide me.  There was on guy inside that was standing on the counter and I thought he would attend to me.  Still no luck.  I had to choose my table and bring myself to it.  Strike Two.

Now when I sat down, finally this guy at the counter went over my table and asked "will you be eating sir?"  what a question. I almost answered no.  I was scratching my head when he left after my yes answer.  He left to get a menu and came back immediately.  Then he left me again to look over the menu which was fine.

Now when I about to order, I called another guy's attention.  He had a different uniform so I presume he was the manager.  He simply looked at me then left to go to the kitchen I think.  He didn't mention anything to me to wait or what, he simply left me wondering did I get his attention?  Did he see me? Oh well I guess he did see me and he called the guy who brought the menu.  The latter took my order.

I choose the beef strips and I was cordially informed that it would take 15-20 minutes for my order.  I said I was willing to wait I asked for water.  He went back to the kitchen and came back with a table napkin (tissue) and my utensils, all of whom were clean, maybe another positive item.

My order came less than 15 minutes so I was glad considering the negatives I already encountered with them.  The Beef Strips I ordered was a disappointment.  I thought I would be getting beef meat, but instead I got was mostly beef fats.  Also it looked like a huge beef fat I'm getting but it was sliced thinly so you can't expect much from it.  It came with rice and fried (not steamed) vegetables and gravy, and iced tea.

Now tastewise, I encountered a lot of peppery taste.  At first I thought it was the gravy which when I tasted solely, has a peppery taste, but it wasnt't that much.  Then when I flipped my beef over, I found a huge spot of pepper on my beef.  I called the attention of the manager, and yes he came.  I told him about the peppery taste.  He said "yes sir, theres a lot of pepper in it because its in the gravy".  I told him it wasn't just the gravy and I pointed out to the beef on my plate.  He simply looked at it and smiled and walked away.  I thought he went to the kitchen to ask the chef but he went to the counter again and "did some work".  I was dumb founded with his actions.  

Since I wasn't getting the service I was expecting, I simply scraped off the pepper on my beef and proceeded to eat it with the gravy.  Then the beef has a salty feel to it.  Gone was the flavor the gravy, and I was expecting a marinade taste to their beef but it wasn't there.

Not only I had a hard time with the beef, I had a problem with their fried vegetables.  They were still uncooked inside.  I didn't bother anymore to call their attention.  All their staff weren't smiling and their voices gloomy that I feel I would be added burden to their miserable lives.  I don't want to have anything to do with this so I had to finish my meal fast and get out fast.

It was difficult finishing my meal but since it costs Php235, I got to.

Wait I almost forgot, they have another positive trait.  They have a fast service for bill out, receiving of payment and giving of change. So there.

Now, I don't want to go back and add more to the negatives I'd like to leave you hanging at this point. But if you skeptical with what I wrote, visit there facebook page here

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