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Film Review | Our Take on Avengers Infinity War

After writing about who "survived" Thanos purple finger snap we now get into a "proper" film review.  Its almost a month now since the movie debuted in the theaters so we assumed most of you have watched the film.  For those who have yet to watch it, STOP reading this one already.  This review will have lots of spoilers for you.  If you don't care about the spoilers then read on.

Before this film even was shown in the movie houses, we were already bombarded with trailers, and film critics, comic geek, marvel fans with their predictions how the film would go and end.  So it was difficult to watch this film objectively.

We knew beforehand that Thanos will get all the infinity stones and half of the universe will die.  What happens before that is the question.  We also knew that vision will die because one of the stones is the one that keeps him alive.

This notion of Vision's death is what dragged the whole movie into and with the other supporting casts creating the side stories.  The love story between Vision and the Scarlet Witch was drummed up to create drama herein.  Where in previous films, we knew somehow that they "connected" somehow, in this film, they were full blown lovers.  Sneaking away from the Avengers just to enjoy themselves.

This connection gave the movie the emotional cliffhanger all through the story telling.   How would Scarlet Witch deal with the emotional stress?  Remember that in the Age of Ultron, how she was emotionally unstable to begin with.  Here she still has this dilemma but in the end, she was able to accept Vision's death, albeit then Thanos spurred everything.  Thanos really is a bad ass and rude if you ask me.

Now the side stories.  Aside from the fight in Wakanda, Wakanda Forever!!!!, there was a fight on planet Titan.  Each fight had their own drama but with similar objectives - to stop Thanos.  What was important with the fight on Titan is the fact that Doctor Strange has watched millions of outcomes and told Tony Stark there was only one outcome with them winning the tide against Thanos.  Knowing this, he pleaded with Thanos to spare Tony Stark's life for the Time stone.  I surmised that this was the ONLY way that they would win in the end.  So I was relieved when his final words to Tony would be "this is the only way".

Now we shall go into why I felt that after the death of superheroes was temporary.  

1)  Because Doctor Strange said so.  He is so sure of himself and that giving up his life for Tony Stark, a man he knew briefly, should not be taken lightly.  By giving his own to fail is a necessary requirement for them to succeed, then he just assured us that they will win and will bring back all if not most of the dead superheroes.

2) Black Panther the movie was a blockbuster when it came out, so killing off the character will not give us a sequel and will be a big financial loss for Disney.

3)  We knew that Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 will be out so we know that it would be a quiet and unexciting movie without Star Lord and Gomora in it.

4)  In Thor Ragnarok, Odin mentioned "Asgard is not a place, it is the people".  That's why they put all the Asgardians to a huge spaceship bound for Earth.  Then in this movie, they all were killed in the first 3 minutes leaving Thor as the last one.  In the comics, the Asgardians finally reached Earth and established a colony.  So expect them or some of them to eventually reach planet Earth.

5)  Definitely Doctor Strange will come back.  Who would better confirm that his plan worked if he wouldn't be back?  So we guess he will in Avengers 4 and a possible Doctor Strange sequel.

Now a movie with a great magnitude of a cast will definitely be without some holes in how the story would be told.  The movie in itself is two and half hours long and after watching this, this gave us a lot of questions more than answers.

1)  Why was there more superheroes killed compared to those who survived?  I saw in a video that most of those who survived formed part of the original avengers.  Is this Disney's way of going full circle?  From those who started it, they are the ones to end it as well?  Lets see how they do this in Avengers 4.  A quirky survivor was Rocket Raccoon.  Why was he the last one who survived from the intergalactic characters?  We guess that the Avengers will bring the fight to Thanos and Rocket Raccoon can bring them there.  Now that's logical.

2)  Why did Star Lord acted the way he did in the last part?  I accept already the fact that Thanos would win in the movie but at the way Star Lord facilitated this was something I was dumbfounded.  Instead of following the plan, he went berzerk over the death of Gomora.  Yeah we get it, he loved her but instead of helping the others get the infinity gauntlet, he went nuts and fired at Thanos.  Did he went off plan or was it according to Doctor Strange's plan?

3)  How did Nick Fury that Captain Marvel survived the purge?  In the ending credit scene, we saw him using a device calling upon Captain Marvel.  Yes we know she's alive as we have seen a lot of articles about her having her own film.  Did she really survive or not, will we see her in Avengers 4?

4)  Who will not be re incarnated or survive Avengers 4?  We suspect Captain America will die.  Why?  His contract with Marvel is expiring soon and he has signified he will NOT be doing anymore Captain America.  Are we correct in our guess?

5)   When an invasion was happening in Wakanda, where were the United Nations?  Was there no time for them to act?  When the first attack happened in New York, the whole world has been alerted of Thanos' threat.  Why was there no reactions from them?  The Hulk was there along with Wong who was left behind.  Is the UN a helpless group that they were not included in the story?

There are more questions left in my mind and will write more about it after I do some vetting.  I hope these questions will be answered in the next Marvel movies - Antman and the Wasp (although they didn't delve into the infinity war theme in their first movie), Captain Marvel (will it feature some of the infinity war details?), Venom (really now) and X-Men Dark Phoenix (since Disney bought 20th Century Fox - will they intertwine the story line with Thanos? Will they make this the first film to crossover or merge to the MCU?).

See, more questions than answers.  Although I didn't liked this movie as I hoped to be but I still rate this film as something with a passing grade.  I consider this as a prequel to something grand in Avengers 4.  I hope that movie won't disappoint or else it will bring both movies to my purgatory list of movies that I hope I will forget.

If you have other questions about the movie or have comments - please email us at  We love to hear if you have anything more to add with what we have mentioned here.

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we are not comic geeks and we do not consider ourselves Marvel know-it-all experts.  we reviewed the film according to its entertainment value as a movie goer.