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Motoring | The Cars of TransSport Show 2018

Since arriving back from the land of the sands, we have covered this TransSport Show twice now.  Last year we covered it with the models in mind.  It was largely suggested by one of our photographers who loved to shoot models in these kind of events.

For this time, we focused more on the cars, which we felt should be since its a TransSport Show.  This is not Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) so you won't see new car designs nor see manufacturers' booths.

The place is cramped with cars', accessories and other car necessities.  This place is what you call a car owners' dreams.  Should you own a new vehicle or a vintage one, this place has it.  This writer is a fan of Lamborghini and this place had not one, but had two on exhibit.  Enough said. LOL.

What gave us goosebumps here are the following;  Porsche 356, Shelby Cobra, and the veiled Nissan SUV.  Other cars were the typical japanese imports decked in chrome, vintage cars like 60s mustangs, these are nice but didn't excite that much.  The 356, Cobra and the Nissan really got us going.

We also noticed that some toys were on hand and was doing brisk sales as well.  We hope TransSport Show the best for their 2019 outing.