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Travel PH | An Improved Bulalacao Beach in Jose Panganiban

When you are searching for beautiful beaches in Camarines Norte, you might have a seen a lot of them in islands as they do have a lot of these.  What you might overlook is the fact that on mainland, there are number of them nice beaches, one of these is the Bulalacao Beach in Jose Panganiban.

Minutes away from the town proper by Monster Jeep or habal habal, this is a private beach and has yet to be well known.  Its what I can surmise is a secret beach that you will have to pass through the local tourism office for booking to be assured you can enter these hallowed grounds.

When we were here last year, we are already captivated by its pristine and virgin beauty.  NO RESORTS can be found here so don't expect it to have a touristy feeling.  No resorts mean you don't have rooms to rent, its either you go here on a day tour or bring a tent should you stay the night.

The gate to this paradise is closed always and you must have permission to be let in.  A small community resides here so you won't feel alone, but they will let you be should you desire it.

During our visit two things have developed.  One, there's a convenience store already near the shore. Two, there are facilities for a shower and a rest room of which fresh water is available.  Such a development is a welcome addition to the nice beach in question.

We suggest that you buy what you need at the town proper.  The convenience store might not be able to serve what you need.  For food, you can either bring cooked food from town proper, cook on site, or ask for the resident to paluto for you.  

To reach this place.
Take a bus from DLTB or SuperLines from Cubao to Daet.  Then ask the conductor if you can go down at Jose Panganiban Junction.  If he allows it, then you can take a jeep or tricycle going to the town center.  If not, proceed to Daet and take a bus or jeep going back to Jose Panganiban.  From its town center, you can ask for a habal habal or monster jeep to take you there.  A travel tip, contact the local tourism office informing them you are going to Bulalacao Beach.  You may reach them here.