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About Town | GeoGreen Makes Green Living Attainable

With the latest trend in going green, people have been wondering when and where this technology be available in the Philippines?  Imagine lighting systems that capture the rays of the sun and pipe these into your home.  Or a device that extracts water from moisture in the atmosphere for houses. Of how these innovations can be designed to blend seamlessly within one's home, enhancing how it looks while keeping within the mantra of clean and green.

Thanks to Philippine GeoGreen, the leading supplier of green products since 2008, the home that you aspire for is now attainable that is both environmentally friendly and beautiful.  Its wide variety of innovative products make green living entirely possible and within reach not only among industries, but to us homeowners as well.

To make available these products to the Philippine market, Philippine GeoGreen opened shop at the new wing of Rockwell Power Plant in Makati from June 7 through September 7, 2018.  Environmentally friendly peeps can now check out the wide arrange of products that can provide you a green lifestyle at the pop up store.  This has been held in partnership with BDO and Philux.

Products on display are the following;  Solatube Daylighting Systems, which capture the sun's rays and bring them inside your home at no electrical cost.  Haiku fans are large fans that are crafted to generate a breeze than can maximize cooling in your homes with the highest efficiency.   Fancy drinking water taken from the air?  Then you will be truly amazed with the atmospheric water generator (AWG), it extracts water from water vapor found in the air.

To integrate these products into our homes and offices, in comes Philux, a leader in furniture manufacturing, will provide furniture and design ideas to promote a green lifestyle to complement GeoGreen's products.  To make these affordable, BDO is offering it's 0% interest promotion over a six month period for a minimum purchase of Php30,000.  BDO likewise is offering a solar powerbank as free to its availing customers.

About Philippine GeoGreen Inc. 
It was established to meet the country's demand for sustainable and environmentally responsible building products.  It is the authorized Philippine distributor for some for some of the best energy saving fixtures in the US, including Solatube Daylighting Systems, Big Ass Fans, Topps Products and Solar technologies.