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Dining | All Nice at Sweet Blooms Cafe - Gateway Mall

The last time I knew about Sweet Blooms, they were just sellling flower shaped pastillas in the malls.  This time around, we were presented with a cafe.  This one is located at the Gateway Mall in Araneta Center.  Limited not only to the pastillas, they are now offering cakes, coffee and chocolate drinks.

Being new to a cafe we would not indulge nor splurge on something fancy.  We usually start with something simple.  As they are a cafe, and I am not a coffee drinker, I opted for a hot chocolate.  For them it was the Hot Bellagio Chocolate and I ordered Large for Php115.

Now taste wise, it tasted like what else, chocolate.  Nothing fancy, not bad either.  Just right is what I reckon for their chocolate.  I should have asked why they called it Bellagio Chocolate.  I don't know how and why it got its name.  Is it similar to the Bellagio Chocolate Fountain in the US? 

Serving size is just right.  But since I ordered a large sized cup, I was expecting a huge cup similar to the grande from a leading seattle based coffee chain but it was not even large as their tall ones.  I was hoping a bit more.  My only suggestion for them, get a slightly bigger cup to compensate for the name Large and I do hope they offer them in ceramic mugs.  Chocolates are better sipped using these.  For now, you will be served in paper cups.

Pricewise, Php115 I guess is a good price except for the small serving to my preference.  Its still almost half the price from its competitors.

What stood out best for this cafe is its location.  Its tucked quietly in a corner of Gateway Mall with less foot traffic, assuring you of a quiet time with your drink.  If you have friends with you, then wiling away the time with them is great here.  Offering long talks is great with bonding with this sweet cafe.

Along with the location, the staff are very accommodating and nice.  They are fast too.  My chocolate came almost a few minutes after I ordered and I was happy for this.

For more about their products, visit their facebook page here.