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About Town | A Taste of the Mediterranean at Akrotiri in Alabang

Launched recently at the Commerce Center in Festival City, Alabang, a new restaurant emerged.  Featuring a Mediterranean twist on our favorite Filipino and Asian dishes, Akrotiri stirs for us a great concoction of a menu.

Seldom are we encountering mediterranean type restaurants and being invited to this was an experience we won't miss.  As General Manager David Jones states, "we wanted to bring our knowledge to the Philippines and use all the incredible food that's in the East and blend it with the West".  Truly the sea foods leap out of our plates into our mouths literally.

With a menu co-conceptualized by Chef Luca Maffei, an Italian chef with intricate taste to flavours and fusion, he masterfully concocted a menu with blissful flavors of Aisa and Euro-greek to our local cuisine.

The foods served were truly top notch.  Wagyu beef, humongous prawns, lobsters are just a sample of what Akrotiri has to offer.  The beef was juicy and tasty, and don't make us start describing the 24 hour roasted pork that they offer. Ohhhhhhh no.... Please don't...

Shrimps are huge, tasty and flavourfully european.  When you bite into them, juice literally flows out so be careful not to stain your clothes.  Truly heavenly.  Their wagyu burgers and salmon sandwiches were so expertly done, I can't help going for seconds or thirds.  

Our best bet here is the Thai Prawn tom yum and curry soup. I can't remember how many times I've come back for this dish.  Even the broth alone was enough to tide me from start to finish.  The server thought I was finished with this as my bowl was empty already except for the broth, I told the lady I wasn't finished with it.  The broth was wow!!!!

That being said, food is definitely a great reason why you should try out Akrotiri.

Wait, its not only food that's great here, we were impressed likewise with their wide selection of wines and spirits behind the bar.  Yes, they have a bar.  What goes well with food are the drinks that goes with it.  Making your dining experience a great one. 

For more information about them, visit their facebook page here.