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Film Review | Is Deadpool 2 Getting Bigger is Better? [Spoiler Alert]

We love Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in the first movie.  It was so successful that creating a sequel is a no brainer for 20th Century Fox. 

Now here comes Deadpool 2 with an expanded cast.  It's a bigger, more budgeted, expansive storyline, more bad ass, more emotional movie by our favorite R rated superhero.  As they say, is bigger better?

With the new movie, the usual characters came back to reprise their roles.  Of course there's Wade Wilson, Vanessa, Weasel, Blind Al, Dopinder, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus.  Completing the massive casting are the addition of Cable, Domino, Bedlam, Peter, the Vanisher, Firefist, Zeigeist, Yukio, and Juggernaut.  Look at that long list of characters.  Add to these the cameos of Alan Tudyk, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt (a half second image of The Vanisher), and as a joke to Deadpool, when he was in the mansion and stating the fact that in the x men mansion he can only see two x men, in one scene while his back was against the door, we see professor x, the beast, quicksilver and the rest of the core x men characters.  What an awesome casting and cameos the second installment this is.

Now does mean bigger is better?  For this reviewer no.  The first film had focus.  We see his love for Vanessa all throughout the film.  In the sequel, it was just an introduction the X-Force (a possible spin off franchise) and it left a bad taste in my mouth thinking so.

Now the first film we liked it because of Vanessa, it was a light hearted romantic film with great action scenes.  In this one, Vanessa was killed in the first few minutes of the film.  What?  She was killed right off the bat just as she said she wanted to have a family with Wade Wilson.  What a downer.  As most film critics would agree, her death was vital to establishing a new family and new spin off franchise for  20th century fox.

Now to keep the costs between the budget given, upon the start of their first mission, Bedlam, Zeitgest, Peter and the Vanisher got killed in a freakish fashion.  Call it as a bad comedy but it was entertaining how they died.  Domino was the only one left standing and for a good reason.  She was interesting enough how luck would play by her side always. 

The original cast of the first film had a brief showing here adding to my disappointment.  Vanessa gets killed, Blind Al had only two quick scenes, Weasel was only important to the interview of the applicants for the X-Force, Dopinder still did not offer something new (except for the last scene when killed off the headmaster), Colossus is still the metallic idealistic guy.  The film somehow introduced something from the LGBT community, providing a love interest for Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the character of Yukio.  Deadpool is really pushing the envelope a little bit far each time in the area of sexuality.  We didn't say its a disappointment but other film goers might be reactive to this.

Now we liked the action scenes and the wise cracks of Deadpool as always however it was not enough to say 2 was better than the first.  There were so many disappointments to bring our reviews down.  Let us just confine them into three major ones.  The First disappointment was that Vanessa got killed in the first few minutes and second, it was just an introduction to the X-Force.  Third disappointment was the fact that the movie trailers showed the new characters only to be killed outright.  What a entertaining scene but a let down at the same time.

Now other disappointments were in character of Firefist.  We liked the choice of the actor for it.  Instead of following the comic book rendition, they opted for a chubby teenage kid, good choice.  However we didn't like his acting in this film.  We felt that all scenes he had the same acting.  It left us kinda bored and wish the story would move on already.  Juggernaut had a brief stint here as well and served as a friend to Firefist.  After a few minutes of struggle, he was done for.  Although he was resurrected from the X Men films, his re introduction herein was the same, short, brief and sweet.

All I can say, the ending credits was far more entertaining than the movie itself.  He used the time travel device by Cable to save Vanessa and right the "timeline".  All's well that ends well.

I can't say you will be wasting your movie money here but it was worth the trip.  The movie is entertaining and exciting enough to make you feel happy spending your money.  Just make sure you stay until the very end.  Another motivation for you to watch this film, if you time you saw a dark side of Deadpool in the first, this one is much darker.

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