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Film Review | The Pitches' Last Song - Pitch Perfect 3

We have been a fan of the first two movies, we love the singing and a bit of dancing so for sure we would love the last chapter of Pitch Perfect.

Compared to the first two however, this film is the what I could say was the most story laden of them all.  The main plot maybe the thinnest ever of the three, but the side stories were the main focus of the film. What?

The first movie was about recognition, the second movie was about still, recognition, and the last one was well, still recognition but with a twist.  They added moving on to the last film, that made this one the best of them all.

During the first part of the film, the Bellas have already graduated and each one lead different lives.  What they had in common was being miserable as graduates.  They kept going back to the glory days of the Bellas where they mattered.  Adding fuel to the disillusioned fire they are in, the hapless commentators are at their heels once again, trying to remind them of their miserable lives.  These two might be against the Bellas, but (spoiler alert), their actions since the first film till this, were important in the last scenes of this film.

Now going back to the present, to make sense of their graduate lives, they joined a USO tour.  A show intended to entertain the US troops overseas.  They thought this would be a great experience for them and unknown to them, a competition is brewing there as well.  Of course they need something to spice up the film, so they created one.  You can skip this theme altogether and focus more on the side stories.  

Anna Kendrick's Beca showcases his disdain to the music industry only to find true passion of it in the end.  Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy finally reunites her with her long lost wayward father, which is another action thriller side story here.  Brittany Snow's character Chloe finally hooks up with a new love,  the youngest Emily, holds the old Bellas with the new.  Hana Mae Lee's Lilly finally had a voice in the film and many more side stories that will surely open your eyes to the Bellas.  Consider the film as a page turner in the history of the Characters.

Like the other sequels before it, it has the same formula altogether.  It showcases a kick ass ending song number which summarizes the films.  For this one, they had a last song with the old Bellas showing us how, actually they "told" us how they will move on.  Critics would say its the laziest style of writing.  Instead of showing us, the characters literally told the viewers of what they will do after the film is over. LOL.

Overall, even though this film is almost similar in flow with the two, it managed to squeak in new twists and turns, enough to make the film stand out.  Its not perfect though but enjoyable.  You won't die if you haven't watched this film, but if you do have the time, do watch it for entertainment.  It was made for entertainment and I could imagine I could have watched this in the theaters and not regret shelling out Php300 for this movie.

If you want to watch this, Youtube is streaming the film for Php180.