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Money Matters | Real Estate Payments Made Easy with Aqwire - Targets 1.6 B Cross Border Industry

In its efforts to build the first real estate platform through blockchain in Asia, AQWIRE is partnering with one of the biggest crypto companies in the Philippines to realize this dream.

As the first global real estate platform in Asia, AQWIRE will have the capability to list units from different developers worldwide, process payments through different conventional channels such as credit/ debit cards, international bank transfers and SWIFT as well as give out  different analytical data to help potential buyers with their purchasing decision.  Adding a crypto payments gateway will only strengthen the platform.

AQWIRE will be able to handle real estate transactions in different stages of the sale cycle, from developers listing their units for sale to buyers paying their monthly dues in perpetuity.  This gives all players involved a single platform, an ecosystem, where their real estate needs are met and everyone is satisfied.

In a press conference last Tuesday, they announced that it was partnering with Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) to launch the platform that will process the payments through cryptocurrency.

As of this writing, the company is already facilitating cross border real estate transactions but through conventional means like credit/ debit cards, bank transfers among others.  With the launch of the crypto payments platform, this will be a boon for property developers in the region.  The platform will be launched July.

Too boost AQWIRE's resources they are currently doing some fundraising by sellling tokens.  They plan to raise USD9,9 Million in the process.  If you are interested visit them at their website here